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Club Insurance

As a member of Twin Rivers Cyclists you enjoy some liability protect if you damage property or injure someone as memeber of a calendar club event.
In additon, should you be injured, the club insurance carries injury insurance which will kick in after your personal insurance has paid its portion. It can cover co-pays too. In additon, should you be without your own policy, this policy will apply. 

First non-members joining us on a ride have the same protections.


We want to offer more activities and some of those will have a fee attached. Members should see a discount.


Why be a member?

True, you don't need a club in order to enjoy riding your bike. So what is the point of joining? We are always glad to have you join us on a ride, member or not. You have full access to ride information on this website if you want it. Yes, there is a slight reduction in fee at Bite the Bullet. But that doesn't amount to much. And yes, we do charge $5.00 at the club pizza feed, the barbecue, or the post I-Made-th- Grade picnic. You could make back your membership fee just eating, I suppose, but $5.00 just isn't much of an argument.

So why join? I'm not a joiner by nature. I'm never dismayed to find myself alone. But I was dismayed to find that I no longer had any running or cycling partners with whom I had practiced this odd addiction for 20 years.

I was addicted to endurance exercise but I also knew I wouldnl't be motivated on my own to go out on the bike as frequently as I liked.I went looking for someone to cycle with and that's when I discovered TRC. I went on a couple of short rides (I thought they were pretty long at the time--30 miles including the Grade) but then I found a club member who's fondest wish was to cycle across America for the second time.

I knew immediately that what I had thought was training and distance hadn't really counted. Soon I had done my first club century. I had ridden STP in 2000 but it was a goal. Suddenly I found myself going out on a weekend for a century without a particular goal in mind. Sometimes it was two centuries.

You don't have to ride centuries. We have lots of group rides at shorter distances. The point is you find not only someone to ride with, but you find out something about yourself.

I scoffed at the suggestion of doing STP when I first heard about it. "I don't want to spend that mcuh time on my bike," I said. Now I have discovered that being on the bike is one of the most gratifying experiences I can have.

It's not just the wind in your hair, and the motion of a silent, smoothly rolling bike, though that is part of it. I'll go out on a century by myself now though I would never have thought to do so before I joined. That isn't it either.

Friends. All sorts of people find they share a love of the bike no matter what they do for a living. We complement one another, share rides and bread and our lives. Joining is making friends. You can never have too many.

But joining to find riding partners will only work if you become an active participant. We need young, not so young, and old. We need the fast and the not so fast. Don't be intimidated by the expensive bikes, the lycra, the flashy shirts. Most of us are moving down the other end of the not-so-young continuum, but, what the heck? We've got good friends.


Come join us. Be active. Be alive.




Yes, you can exercise on your own, but will you? I've done endurance sports my entire adult life. I've always had a companion or two. Yes, sometimes it is nice to go out on your own, but nothing quite compares to joining a group of others. We are social beings. 

Let that social dimension help with your fitness goals.


Do you feel we are too car-centric? Most trips in America today are less than 5 miles. 

We can lessen traffic congestion, contribute to cleaner air, reduced health costs through better fitness by promoting cycling and other active lifestyle choices.

TRC participates in a number of advocacy efforts throughout the year such as Bike Month. Check the advocacy box on the interests page on your profile and help TRC promote the full range of the benefits of cycling.


The multi-sport guys drive me crazy. Go on an nice ice-cream ride and all you hear is about training for this duathlon that triathlon. We're talking swimming while riding a bike. Go figure.

So we set up our first forum just so you multi-sport folks will have someone to talk to.
The Trisport Forum has Mike Collins from LCSC available to answer questions and provide training tips.

We'll open more forums as interests develop. Members may join and participate in forums. 
Non-members will have to content themselves with just reading.


 "Do not use "JOIN" if you are already a member and want to renew.  Approx 30 days before your membership is due to expire you will get a renewal notice and when you login with your user-name and password you will see a "Renew" menu button. Use this button to renew.



                                                Membership Dues

Membership Type        1 year              

   Single                $0.00     One adult membership 
   Family               $0.00      Two adult memberships at same address plus any . . .

   Tertiary             Children under 18

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