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Rotary Rivers and Ridges Ride

Sunday, March 30, 2014



Rotary Rivers and Ridges Ride

September 27, 2014
Clarkston, WA

We've ridden lots of organized rides. the Lilac Century in Spokane at the end of April is a prime example. Now the Clarkston Rotary brings the fun and challenge of those rides to the LC Valley. 
For Families, a fun ride on the Green Belt Trail to Asotin and back,.
For the rest of us, a 50 miler, known to club riders as Lapwai Loop,
And for the century afflicted, a 100 miler.

All routes will begin near the Port of Clarkston Offices. Both the longer rides will start together at 8. Riders will travel up 13th, cross Southway Bridge, and follow the usual route through Lapwai to Arrow Bridge. The century goes to kendrick, Troy, and comes back through Genessee. Both rides finish around Red Wolf Bridge and back to the port.
Don't forget Riverfest afterwards with beer and wine and lots to eat as well as vendor booths.

As local club riders, we have ridden these routes many times. Do we really need to pay to ride them again. No. But should we? Yes! The club has wanted to mount an event ride but have always encountered the difficulty that we would rather ride than organize. The Rotary brings a great deal more resources to the production of this event than we could ever muster. And they solve the problem of who rides and who organizes. 

 While the Rotary hopes to bring in outside riders who have never enjoyed the rivers and ridges we ride everyday, we should support them with our participation.