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Cool Down

Bested at Best of the White Pine
9/19/2011 2:14 PM
"I have no more reason to bicycle," Gary reported. "I dropped Corrie on a hill."

Now whether you consider that an achievement or just an example of a really sad goal, it is true. Gary has gotten stronger and stronger this season. New shoes have eliminated a hot-foot problem and new, fancy-smancy light wheels have gone to his head and so I did find myself dropped today. 

I chased Gary and Doug to the bottom of the White Pine climb where they made me climb with them just to rub it in my face that I should have shed those 15lbs back in January.

Linda and Candace

Candace and Jennifer joined us each sharing part of the driving chores with Linda giving us needed SAG on what turned out to be quite a hot afternoon.

And two new people joined us. John has only been in the area a couple fo weeks. Deborah is a post-doc and she is new to cycling. John stayed pretty close to her al the way. I'm not sure what he thought of us though. We hardly stayed together at all. No pace-lilning today. 

It was cool at 8 when we started but I saw trouble coming when we stayed longer than expected in Boville. It was 1pm and hot before we got to The Hoo Doo Cafe in Harvard. And the Hoodoo was packed. We were there over an hour and were faced with those ugly rollers back to Deary at temps pushing the century mark.

I don't know when we can expect to see John and Deborah again, but Candace and Jennifer are planning to ride to Enterprise with us next week. I think they'll do fine. Temps are going to moderate a good deal. They might even need arm and leg warmers on Sunday morning. 

Even if Gary did best me today, this is why a ride--a long day, good friends, and challenging route. It makes me happy.

For the Ride of it--Corrie
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