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Cool Down

Whoopem Up Whoops
7/18/2011 12:53 PM

When the weather turns warm it is good to carry extra water and electolytes.
We proved that this Sunday when Candace Chenowith, a friend of Wanda's, joined us for our annual ride in the Dayton/Waitsburg, Walla Walla area.

Jennifer Bloch is friends with Candace as well. Jennifer joined us first on the Huckleberry ride. These two ladies have been taking spinning classes and are looking to do more road rideing with the club. Wanda's Whoopem Up ride looked like a safe bet at least on paper. 18 miles over and 18 miles back? Nothing.

Jennifer had done Boville to Elk River and back and figured we'd see nothing like that run today. Mostly she was right. The grade out of Waitsburg is fairly long but doesn't get more than 7%. Sadly it comes early before your legs are warmed up.

Candace took the lead quickly outpacing Wanda, Linda, Jennifer and myself. Jim had gone back to the car for some--What does Wanda call it? Oh yea, some fiddle-farting reason.

"I don't want to get left behind," Candace explained when I finally caught up near the top. 

For the rest of the day Candace was often out front on her brand new Trek. This was its ignaural ride and it was working well. Jennifer's bike, on the other hand, still had front derailleur issues. The chain would skip from the top chain ring to the bottom which slowed her a good deal in the climbs. We fiddled with it a b it at lunch and she claimed it worked better on the way back.

We stopped at Safeways for sandwiches which we carried to Pioneer park and enjoyed the huge old trees and cool green grass.

A bit of cloud cover had drifted in and out during the first half. But now we seemed to have clear skies and more sun that we really wanted. Donna had complained about the cold in Ptolatch on Saturday, today it was too warm.

Leaving Walla Walla we enjoyed a taiilwind and Candace once again pulled out and did well except when the rollers grew steep. This road eventually settles into a long, long, but steady and gently climb varying from 1 to 4 percent. But it was hot. 

I'd eaten a small bag of corn chips before we started and another small bag of chips at lunch. Gatorade just doesn't have the electroytes you need on a hot day. The new ladies, however, had eaten a fruit bowl and little else for lunch. 

And then the heat. Everyone was doing fine it seemed. The wind even had a bit of coolness to it but there was no shade. We stopped when we could find any but that wasn't often enough. Candace began to fade and when I came back to check on the end of the line, I found Linda, Wanda, and Candace walking their bikes. 

A bit more salt probably would have made the difference. The word got to our  fearless ride leader and he sped off the remaining few miles back to the park in Waitsburg to get the car and come rescue Candace. By the time he got back she had walked to the high point and was riding, slowly, back toward Waitsuburg on the flat. She was breathing hard and claimed to be sweating, but I suspected heat exhaustion. Fortunately Jim showed up with cold water and a ride into town.

By the time Wanda I completed the ride she was much recovered.

You don't know what you can do until you've tried. I believe she was strong enough for the route and the distance but was acclimated to the heat and hadn't prepared well. Acouple of amber ales and a bit of cajun food seemed to do wonders.

Jim and Wanda gave us another good ride.

For the Ride of it 
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Candace  (7/28/2011 11:16 AM) 
Thanks to all the riders who kept me company as I walked and rode SLOWLY on the way back. It was hot and hard, and Corrie's right, I needed salt, but I survived with their support. THANK you all. (Little do they all know that I'm just laying the ground work for the Most Improved award! Ha ha!)