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Getting Started 

We want to welcome all bicyclists to our group.  We're a pretty friendly bunch.  We have a wide degree of interests and abilities, so don't think we're all spandex clad super hero types!!

The most important thing we want for all newcomers is to have fun, safely as you explore the awesome sport of bicycling and experience the health benefits. So, start with this page or just show up for one of our rides.  I offer a beginner friendly series of rides that begin in the Spring.  I call these rides "Easy Does It!".  Please send me an email if you have any questions:  Linda Rosetti:

Commuting is  a step up from riding on the trails. If traffic concerns you try our Smart Cycling. 

For anyone new to cycling, fear of a flat tire is a "stopper." Check out our Fix-a-Flat class. 

Or, if you 're ready, check out the Commuting page. 

Buying a First Bike

Should you buy from the big-box stores? What to look for?

You don't have to spend a great deal for a serviceable entry level bike. However, going to a good bike shop is probably worthwhile. Not all bikes are the same. And fit matters. Check out this article before buying that cheap bike.

Commute Orlando: Bikes are not Toys: PDF chart comparing a bike shop with a big-box store.Always dangerous to generalize but this chart will give you good tips on what to look for and expect.

9 Tips for Beginner Cyclists
Bike Fit: two videos
Teaching a Kid (and Adult) to Ride a Bicycle (video)
Shifting 101: What to do with all those gears?

Children's Cycling Safety

American Society of Pediatrics gives us these TIPPs (The Injury Prevention Program). Perusade your child to wear a helmet, learn the rules of the road

Ride Safely

Safe Streets from the Gristmill Blog

Excellent article with lots of links exploring the question of just how safe cycling is. The author uses his son as his touchstone.I posted this on Nov 27th on New at Twin Rivers Cyclists (the front page)

Bicycling Street Smarts

An online text book for safe cycling with clear illustrations for handling difficult traffic situations inclluding what do when the bike lane comes to an intersection. It's not staying in the lane.

Wear a helmet

 from the Bike Nazi in Boise

Cycling Rights post from In the Spin

Wikipedia's Bicycle Safety Articles

How to Not get hit by cars

Tips for in-town cycling. Hint: don't ride on sidewalks and get lights and a mirror. This entire site,, is fun and fact filled. For example, this page on cycling statistics will get you thinking.