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  • Critchfield Road/SR!29
  • Breakheart Trail
    • From Pat Green on burned trestle 10/17/2011
      • The burned trestle is certainly a loss.  That section is not yet for sale.  There is a possibility of rerouting the trail to go into, then out, of the draw, but that might take buying an easement from the adjacent landowner.  We will work on the Grangeville to Cottonwood section, but keep planning for the next section the owner wants to put on the market.

    • Breakheart Trail
    • 10/29/2009 Seeds are sewn
      • A second meeting with Hennessy and Joe Stegner results in effort to railbank the trail. Read More Here.
    • 3/31/2009 The first pale signs of a trail
      • Leo Hennessey of the Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation met representatives of Nez Perce and Lewis counties, the City of Lewiston, Winchester State Park, the Nez Perce tribe and Bill Mannschrek, Mike Warnock, Carol Ellis and Corrie Rosetti of the Tiwnrivers cyclists at the Brammer building.
      • Leo detailed advantages of having a trail system: economic and health benefits were among them.
      • Leo and Lynn Moss of the Lewiston Parks and Rec visualize a trail system not just on the Camas Rail line but connecting to the Latah Trail through Kendrick, the Camas line all the way to Grangeville pulling in the parks at Spalding and Winchester. All of this is, of course, pipe dream but the point is if we have a group visualizing the concept someone will be ready to step in and make it happen--not tomorrow, but sometime. I may never ride the trail but Leo and Doug Zenner were very excited about the power such a system would have to attract hikers and syclists.
      • The Tribe is on board and has contacted the rail owner and manager. Right now the line near Lapwai is used for storage of rail cars which is generating negative comment to the tribe.
      • Lynn spoke of multiple funding sources including watershed protection funds since preserving a corridor prevents developments and feedlots that might interfere with water flow.
      • Lynn proposed a coalition made up of representatives of the multiple stake holders which would have some authority to coordinate efforts across city, county, tribe to create a rail system. It would be the first step in having a group available to take over the corridor should it be abandoned.
      • Lynn will research The National Parks Tenchnical Assistance group to get us started in creating a coalition. Leo will contact an attorney with expertise in the area to help us get a handle on the status of the line now. It is not clear that it has been abandonded yet though tracks have been removed on the prairie.
      • If we can railbank the corridor rather than let it revert back to the indivdiaul landowners on abandonment proceding will be much easier. Read more about the trail and rail bank from Breakheart Trail.
    • Bill Mannschreck has asked the club to get behind efforts to be ready should the Camas Prairie rail line become available for conversion to a Rails to Trails facility similar to the Hiawatha Trail.
    • Bill led a hike on this trail on July 19, 2008.
  • Cherry Lane Bridge
    • If you ride over Hubbard Gulch to Kendrick, you'll be interested in progress on the new bridge. Here's a page from the newsletter I got on 7/19/08.
    • Cherry Lane Bridge in PDF
  • Southway Bridge Interchange with 129 to Asotin
  • Grouse Road Bridge (Old Spalding Bridge viaduct.