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We offer two classes . . .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 5:30-7:30pm
Regisgtration Form $30.00

Traffic Safety 101: Smart Cycling

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 5:30-8:30 pm.
Saturday, March 31 9am to 3pm

Regisgtration Form  $15.00


Corrie and other members of TRC are also available to speak to your group,

New to the roads? Try anEasy Does It! and pick up the prinicpals for Smart Cycling
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"It really was a great class. I am glad I took it.  
This afternoon I road in my car down 21st St.
 to go to the post office.  
As I approached the intersection at the bottom 
of the hill I couldn't help but feel 
amazed at how relatively easy it was 
to ride through such a complex-looking maze."

Flat Sessions

What they didn't tell you at the bike shop when you bought that bike.

Next Session: By appointment.Contact me. Or join the Smart Cycling Google group below to arrange with others for a session. Small groups of 1 to 5 are preferred.

.clean you bike regularly

  • shifting and spinning
  • removing and remounting a rear wheel
  • fixing a flat

The flat sessions are small groups of two to five. We schedule these at the convenience of those who want to join. To participate it is best to subscribe to this email list. (see below)

We'll also be discussing TS101 classes on this list.

Flat sessions last an hour or more and are free.

The TS101 class is 9 hours combining classroom, parking lot, and on the road experience. $35.00.


Google Groups
Subscribe to Smart Cycling Twin Rivers Cyclists
Visit this group

Video from,
a page worth visiting.

Twin Rivers Cyclists has many experienced cyclists. We conduct classes related to cycling from time to time. If you are interested, please contact Corrie at

Linda offers some traffic safety instruction with her Easy Does It! starting on March 20th.

Corrie and other members of TRC are also available to speak to your group,

 Links that may help

Thinkcycling Video: How to Start and Stop What to do with Old tires and Tubes Lots more on this site How to lube your bike

Lane position: What does practicable mean?

Smart Cycling is a 9 hour course including  classroom, parking lot drills, and road segment.



Smart Cycling


League Certified Instructor

How to feel more secure riding with traffic.

What to wear and carry

Handling skills

Bicycle ABC quick check

Helmet fit

Rules of the Road

Route selection

Riding on multi-use paths

Everyday maintenance

Equipment required: A bike in good working order and a helmet.