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Bruce Jacobs Memorial Share the Road Project

Update: We have four signs up. Two on Tammany and Two on Lindsay Creek.

Origins of the project: 

You may not remember Bruce. I never met him personally though I do remember his having been pointed out to me as the fellow on the cruiser who was about to race Bite the Bullet. Bruce was a popular local rider whose untimely death lead to his family's donating $150 in his name to TRC to be used to promote local cycling. That entry in the club books remains to this day.

Steve Largent, former club treasurer, sent this proposal to us: 

Just a suggestion, what about buying a couple of “Share the Road” signs with the money Bruce’s family gave the club? Not using the money year after year seems almost disrespectful, but no one- including me- has come up with much of an idea.

As I recall, the Corps didn’t want any signs that we’d paid for. I think it’s crazy it’s actually hard to get rid of $150 in a way that benefits local cycling in the Lewiston area.

I’m thinking somewhere on Lindsay Creek or Tammany Road would be appropriate, but if Bruce had a favorite route in traffic, that might be a better location.

Of course, once the funds are spent, another thank-you should go to his family, preferably written by someone who knew Bruce and signed by the Pres.  -Steve Largent

The 2010 TRC Board feels we should use the $150 donation to seed an on-going project to place Share-the-Road signs on area bicycle routes as well as Stay to the Right signs on bike paths. 

Vision: Twin Rivers Cyclists Board members wish to enhance the safety of cyclists on main bike routes in the Lewiston Clarkston Valley by increasing awareness of bicyclists and their right to share the public roadways. 


1. Increase awareness of bicycles on the valley roads.

2. Improve relations between cyclists and drivers on valley roads. 

3. Increase bicyclist adherence to rules of the road.


   1. Drivers pass with three feet of space between the car and the bike and only when it is safe to do so.

   2. Cyclists behave as traffic riding single-file when cars are present and follow rules of the road such as stopping at stop signs. (Do we want to raise issue with ID law that allows bicycles to "yield" at stop signs?- Largent)

   3. Increase awareness of the bicycle as an alternative means of transportation 

But roads were built for cars. You cyclists don't pay for the roads. Let's set the record straight on how highways are funded.

  Action Plan

We'll meet objective 3 by purchasing and installing through the appropriate agency a  minimum of two signs each year going forward as we see a continued need. 

Year One; 

Two signs on Tammany Road between Hell’s Gate and Barr Road 

Additional Routes to cover in no particular order: 

      * Upper Lindsay Creek 

      * Lower Lindsay Creek 

      * Lapwai Road 

      * Evans Road 

      * Asotin Creek

      * Tammany from Barr to Waha junction

      * Peola Road to Evans 

      * Clarkston Green Belt 

      * Lewiston Levy system 

      * Port of Clarkston 

      * Lewiston bike route system