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Steve Largent’s account of the first Joseph Ride, 1996

That ride was planned on the way back from Tour des Lacs- back when TRC strongly supported it.  

Kathy & Bill Cone drove their vehicle to Spokane taking Mike Simpson & me as passengers.  On the way home after a great Tour des Lacs ride, we were discussing what we thought the toughest century in the Lewiston area would be and came up with the ride to Wallowa Lake planning it for the upcoming Columbus Day weekend as something to give some significance to that 3 days weekend and give us one last significant ride for the year.  

Mike & Nicki Riddle decided to join us.  We didn't initially plan to bring a sag wagon, but the weather proved that a wise decision.  It was a beautiful fall day with little to no wind.  A few dry snowflakes hit us on the way up, but no one cared or got cold. We checked into the motel, hopped in the hot tub, and the wet snow really fell.  It was great sitting in the hot tub watching it fall all around us.  

By the time we drove into Joseph for dinner, there was 6" of wet snow on the road.  I remember another vehicle threw up a big glob of wet heavy snow onto the windshield, and Bill Cone observed "can you imagine that hitting you in the face while biking?"  

Although no more snow fell that night, the wisdom of Bill's slush in the face comment caused us to give up any hope of riding the next morning, and we all rode sag.  While descending Bufford, we all realized we could be riding, so we started cycling at the bottom of Rattlesnake, and found the road over Anatone dry.

The next year the ride saw a lot more people join us. I don't remember any more weather issues on the Columbus Day weekends, but the collective memory of the first one and declining popularity of Tour des Lacs saw a switch to September after a few years. 

I don't seem to have any photos from the 1997 ride- nor any negatives dated that year.  Nicki might have some, she's always been a photographer- unlike me who sometimes pulls out the camera and oftentimes forgets it.  

Anyway, that's the story of the first year's ride. John & Carla might have been with us, but I think I'm confusing the '97 and '98 rides.

Steve Largent